Manuka Honey on Good Morning America: What they got right, what they got wrong, and what they didn’t mention

GMA Investigates: MANUKA HONEY

GMA Investigates: MANUKA HONEY

Posted by Good Morning America on Monday, August 6, 2018

The expanding popularity of Manuka Honey

Yesterday’s segment on GMA will certainly serve to expand the popularity of Manuka Honey in America. As much as we welcome the enhanced exposure to this wonderful natural product, as Manuka experts that have operated in the U.S. for more than 16 years we feel we have to comment on this report.

What they got right

The most important part of the report is the emphasis on authenticity. With an estimated 50% level of adulteration worldwide, the UMF certification is the best guarantee that the honey is true Manuka. In addition to the certification, the UMF Association is an excellent source of information about Manuka Honey.

 What they got wrong

The segment leaves the impression that any Manuka with a certified level of MGO is good for you. In reality, the low MGOs honeys are unlikely to provide any meaningful benefits. For example, Manukas with 400 MGO are common at grocery stores and on line marketplaces. We think that this is just too low. Our lowest grade honey is the UMF 15+ which, for the current batch, has a 668 MGO level.

What they didn’t mention

Storage conditions are critical for the integrity of Manuka Honey. It is common for large companies to import large quantities of Manuka and store it in hot warehouses. Even worse for the integrity of the product is cycles of heating and cooling, which can occur when the honey is moved among warehouses. In contrast with these conditions, we store our honey in a special honey room with temperature and humidity control. The honey is only taken out of this room to ship to customers.

Another important factor is whether the U.S. importer has a New Zealand Export Certificate. These certificates are issued by the NZ Ministry of Primary Industries only if the shipment goes directly to the importer. Export certificates are optional for the U.S., so it’s possible to import Manuka Honey without having one. For example, some shipments go from New Zealand to certain Asian countries, where they are split and sent partially to the U.S. This increases the chances of adulteration and improper storage of the honey. We at Koru Naturals only import batches with export certificates issued to our partner, Natural Solutions, for shipping directly to us.

Manuka Honey skincare

In addition to the highly popular use as health food, Manuka Honey is an excellent skin care ingredient. As mentioned in the segment, some brands are using celebrity endorsements as part of their marketing. In our experience, celebrity endorsements don’t necessarily correlate with quality, although they do go together with high prices. Our approach is to carry only products that we know are excellent, and to offer the lowest possible prices. Our Manuka Honey Skin Care products have been carefully selected through the years to represent the highest quality and value. Our leading brands are Wild Ferns, Pure Source, Lanolin√©, NZ Fusion Botanicals, and Naturals New Zealand, all top quality producers.

Become an educated buyer of Manuka products

We invite you to become an educated buyer of Manuka products. Our knowledge and experience guarantee the highest value and authenticity of both our pure Manuka Honey and Manuka skincare products.