Rooibos Tea and Manuka Honey: a marriage made in heaven

Rooibos and manuka eye cream

Anti-aging action on the delicate skin around your eyes

Creating natural skin care products is as much art as science. Cosmetic chemists that specialize in natural products always begin by searching the scientific literature for ingredients that offer desirable properties, are available regularly and are produced with respect for people and the environment.

Although the reasoning process for selecting ingredients is similar across the industry, the outcomes are often unpredictable. It’s not unusual for a new product made with excellent ingredients to show little, if any, improvement over what’s already available. On the other hand, a product designed along similar lines may turn out to be exceptional and far superior to what was previously available. A little luck and black magic, both unpredictable, make all the difference

The NZ Fusion Botanicals Rooibos Tea and Manuka Honey Eye Cream is one of those pleasant surprises. Combining Manuka honey with antioxidants is not new. However, it is now becoming increasingly clear that the nature of the natural antioxidant used can make a big difference.

Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) is a South African shrub that grows in the mountainous region around Cape of Good Hope. The deep red tea brewed from its leaves has a long history in traditional South African medicine, with numerous uses that include topical application for skin disorders.

Rooibos has 50% more antioxidants than green tea and it is also rich in vitamin C, a key component of a healthy skin. The combination with Manuka Honey results in a rich cream with a light red color derived from the honey and the tea. This cream does not have any artificial fragrances or colorants, and the total natural content is 95%.

How about beauty within?

We now know that nutrition plays a key role in beauty. In particular, a diet rich in antioxidants results in healthier skin and hair. Many nutritionists recommend incorporating Rooibos into a daily routine of healthy foods, plenty of hydration, exercise and stress control. With its delicious taste and relaxing effects, a couple of cups of Rooibos every day can be the perfect addition to your daily routine. And, of course, try the NZ Fusion Eye Cream and see what the combination of Rooibos and Manuka can do for the skin around your eyes.

A frequently asked question: Can I add Manuka Honey to my tea?

An the answer is yes, as long as the tea is not too hot. Remember that heat is the enemy of active manuka honeys. Rooibos tea with our Natural Solutions UMF honeys is a wonderful and healthy combination. Just brew the tea, allow it to reach lukewarm temperature, and add half a teaspoon of either 15+ or 20+ honey.